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Water Purifier

Kitchen Appliances
Water Purifier


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Offer Category: Kitchen Appliances  -  Water Purifier

Offer Post Time: 2011-06-27

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Product Description

Part No. Description
HAS-105 The Fifth Stage with Post Carbon Filter
HAS-105C The Fifth Stage with Resin Filter
HAS-105E The Fifth Stage with E-MX Ceramic Filter

Remark: Without Tank, Pump, Transformer, RO Membrane and Electronic Parts

1. The USA advanced KDF treatment technology.
2. Use imported resin cartridges, effective to intenerate water.
3. Use high technology UF membrane to treat water, advanced in the science and technology.
4. Five -stage filter, the water will be much more sanitary and safe.
5. Patented design of the mini configuration, special for the kitchen.
6. DIY replacement of the filter cartridge, more convenient to maintenance.

1.UF membrane
2.1st stage: 5 mic PP sediment
3.2ND stage: KDF and GAC combination filter
4.3rd stage: 1 mic PP sediment
5.5th stage: Post carbon / Resin / E-MX ceramic filter